Flying with EZIO DENTI – Air Services with Helicopters means choosing the leading helicopter company in Italy in executive passenger transport, best deployed in Italy and with the most varied fleet.

We can carry up to 8 passengers with standard sized luggage, within the limits of maximum take-off weight.


  • EZIO DENTI – Air Services with Helicopters has single-engine and twin-engine helicopters, multi crew, able to offer flexibility in services in terms of price and to meet the different needs of customers.

Our helicopters are all equipped with VIP interiors.


  • By contacting our operative and commercial staff at the number (+39) 348 71.21.955 available 24 hours a day or by email you will have total assistance for your trip (hotel, rental service with driver, luggage transport) from starting point to the final destination.


  • The experience acquired by EZIO DENTI – Air Services with Helicopters over the years in the aeronautical field allows us to offer our clients also a transport service with a private jet.


Ideal for leasure and business

Moving by helicopter allows you to save time and add excitement to your journey, whether it’s for work or vacation.

No waiting, no traffic and inconvenience. The rental of the helicopter is the ideal solution for those who need to be in different places on the same day or to arrive quickly in locations that are difficult to reach.

Flying with EZIO DENTI – Air Services with Helicopters means:

  • Safety – Thanks to the daily and rigorous checks of our maintenance staff EASA Part 145 we guarantee very high maintenance standards in line with the regulations.
  • – The helicopter is the ideal vehicle to enjoy the breathtaking views that our territory can offer.


Helicopter rental allows you to make your travel itinerary flexible, thus allowing you to take advantage of a VIP service while taking advantage of an efficient means of transport. Helicopter rental can be used for many purposes including short breaks, attending special events, whether it is a special occasion for the family such as a wedding, a big sporting event or just a day with family and friends . Save time and avoid unnecessary stress when you want to go to a special event, a sporting event, an airport for a long-range vacation or an escape for a romantic weekend. All you have to do is pick up the phone and leave us the details and travel arrangements, sure we will do the rest.

You will benefit from a reliable service that gives you maximum enjoyment from your trip, because you will not waste time worrying about trivial things or delays, which make experiences otherwise memorable.

Relax safely knowing that all the important details for you will have been taken care of by your dedicated flight manager; available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. You will also be able to request a luxury organization to include in your flight for your trip.

Get to your destination quickly and without the stress associated with scheduled flights, road and rail delays. Experience a luxurious and comfortable journey and a point-to-point direct travel alternative.